5 Reasons you might Fear a Career Change

5 reasons

While for some people, a new job means new opportunities, new people, and new working style; for some, it only implies fear and worry. Many of us dread changing career and continue to stick with the existing one even if it means a stagnant career with no advancements or elevation. Your job is one of the most important things in your life and hence working at a place you no longer enjoy or makes you feel unsatisfied, underpaid or unappreciated is a clear signal that you must look for a career change before it’s too late.

Studenting Era is the best career-counselling site in Delhi NCR. We have been guiding and counselling people on how to choose the right career, how to sustain in that job, and how and when to make a career change. Therefore, having a steady experience of offering the career counselling online, Studenting Era deducted five reasons why one might fear a career change. Besides, we also have a few simple solutions on how to combat this fear.

Attachment to the current job and loyalty towards a current employer

Providing the best career counselling in Delhi NCR, Studenting Era counsellors have often heard people worrying about what their current employer will think and how the current employer will manage things after they left. This loyal behaviour stops them from attempting a career change. However, one must first be loyal to themselves and then to the bosses. If you keep on working in the same place without any purpose or progress, you are just disloyal to yourself and your career.

Fear you might not like the new job or maybe hate it

As a rule of thumb, we always first think of things that might go wrong rather than the contrary. We fear that the new job might be more miserable with an even more pathetic boss and conclude to tolerate the miseries you are familiar with than to put your head into something you don’t know. A quick solution to this is to be more informative. Research well about the new place, the bosses, and the working style. If you know what you are getting into you, the fear of career change will not petrify you anymore.

You don’t want to come out of your comfort zone

Studenting Era counsellors have heard thousands of people talk about their career during their online career counselling sessions. According to them, many don’t want to leave their existing job because they have become too comfortable at it. Going to a new place is like retooling yourself, learning the new work, befriending new people and indulging in a new routine. All this seems a little too much, and subsequently, they start fearing a career change. To overcome this fear, you have to understand and then remember that new place also means new opportunities and exciting experiences. Once you set your mind positive, you will find that you are ready for a career change.

You fear you might not be as good as you are now

Many of us say we are what we do and going somewhere else and doing something else pose chances that you may or may not be good at it. Known for providing the best career counselling in India, Studenting Era counsellor’s advice that knowing your key strengths is essential. If you know them, you’ll be as good in your next job as your now.

You are clueless about what to do next

Studenting Era counsellors that offer the best career counselling in India affirm that most people who make up their mind for a career change are clueless on how to go about it. They fidget about what should be their first step and how will they find a career better than they already have. Such confusions make them fear a career change. So, if you are so confused, you can simply reach out to Studenting Era for online career counselling and get comprehended with solutions of your every possible career problem.

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Importance of Employability Skills from Employers’ Perspective

employability skills.jpg

No longer does education qualification serve, as the sole criterion for getting or not getting a job. Employers, today, demand a lot more than just a degree. They are looking for specific skills and flairs that can contribute to harmonious and efficient working environment. These skills are, in general term, called the employability skills.

Employability skills have become a decisive factor through which employers judge the candidates and subsequently hire employees. Therefore, before we bask in the grounds for why employability skills hold such a paramount place from an employer’s perspective, let’s first discuss what skills can be counted as the employability skills.

Communication skills

Communication, whether verbal or written, is one of the most critical employability skills for a person to possess. Prominent employability assessment programs in Delhi recommend students to develop their communication skills, both written and spoken, for companies majorly require each of their employees to be confident while talking face to face or over the phone to clients. As well, they want you to communicate things over an email flawlessly.


Like said earlier, employers seek skills that help them build an efficient and peaceful working environment; teamwork is utterly significant from this standpoint. Skill development training programme in Delhi NCR makes you go through projects and employability programs under which they ask students to do assignments in groups and teams, subsequently developing teamwork skills in them.


It’s quite crucial for students to be able to plan, organize and execute tasks all on their own. Setting deadlines and meeting them form an essential facet of this process. According to the skill development training programme in Delhi NCR, employers want you to be self-sufficient and know how to manage and make others work for you.


Under any business development training, they hurl difficulties and challenges in front of you and ask you to solve them, again all on your own. Employers are not likely to hire people who come to them for solutions every time you face a challenge at work.

Reasons why employability skills are important from an employer’s perspective

  • Employability skills act as a performance indicator for employers. Employers want you to possess these skills as they serve as cognitive factors to judge your performance. If you lack these skills, it directly indicates the flaws in your performance.
  • From an employers’ perspective, employability skills are more of a service that you offer to the company. With the aid of these skills, you help in the growth of the company. In other words, it is an employee’s contribution to the development of the company.
  • Employers look for employability skills in candidates because it is through these skills that an employee can fulfil the needs of the employer and the company.
  • Employability skills of the candidates will help the employer to combat challenges faced by the company. They act as shields and guards during times of adversities, assisting the company in resolving all or any problems encountered.

Studenting Era is an excellent platform for students for developing these employability skills at length. They help you get in touch with the best online career assessment programme in Delhi NCR as well as various skill development training programme in Delhi NCR. Training under these programmes assist the students in understanding the importance and developing these skills which later help in earning suitable jobs for themselves.

Struggling to find the Right Career Option after Graduation?

Have you just completed graduation and are still confused about what to do next? Are all your friends opting for either jobs or post-graduation while you have absolutely no clue as to what will be best for you? Completing graduation feels like crossing a major milestone in life. However, soon you realize that it is only now that you have entered the real life. It is the time when you feel terribly confused about what to do and how to lead your life.

Choosing a career after graduation is one of the biggest decisions that one makes at a young age. Hence, one must come to a conclusion about it after due consultations. However, it is said easy then done. Students face various problems while deciding a career path for themselves. This is when Studenting Era enters to help you. Studenting Era is a platform where students can get myriad help from professional vis-à-vis their career choice. It helps you get the best career guidance after graduation in Delhi, where professionals make you aware of different opportunities that you can opt for.

Let’s take an exhaustive lowdown on how Studenting Era helps you find the right career option after graduation:

The One Perfect Job

Students often believe that there is only one perfect job meant for them. On the contrary, many opportunities offer you the same advantages and experience. Hence, when students opt for best career counseling in India offered by Studenting Era, they are made aware of the advantages and experiences that one can get in different career options. They help you come out of confusions and develop an understanding of different jobs and careers.

Combating the Fear

Even the students you have made up their mind regarding the career they want to opt for struggles with their choice. They have a fear of failure in their opted career. They are apprehensive about whether they would like the job or whether they’ll be good at it or not. Students career counselling in Delhi NCR proffered by Studenting Era helps them to have a sneak peak of the career they are about to choose. Counselors make the student talk to professionals who have experience in that particular career and subsequently remove their fear by guiding them.

Imparting Awareness

Many students who are oblivious to the importance of post-graduation; later lament on their unawareness. Studenting Era connects you to higher education consultants in Delhi that guide you regarding whether you should opt for higher education or not. They enlighten you on both the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

Lack of Professional Help

The most common problem faced by students in selecting a career is lack of professional help. It is the primary reason why students must opt for Studenting Era’s platform that proffers the best career counselling in India. They are equipped with professionals from all the fields who help students in selecting the best career option for them.

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Basics for creating your Professional CV

Have you been giving CVs everywhere but didn’t receive a revert from anywhere? Did your qualifications and experience matched perfect to a post and still you didn’t get a call for the interview? If it’s happening to you often, it’s time you contemplate on the question, why?

Perhaps, it is not yours but your CV’s fault. An alluring CV is the best shortcut to getting a great job. It is the introduction of you and your personality, skills, and expertise. A good effort done with the CV can surely bring forth expected outcomes, i.e., winning you the desired post. We are sure you do not want your carefully prepared CV to be dumped in a stack of useless papers. Therefore, it is very crucial to create a CV that can exhibit your qualifications and skills efficiently and complements the demands of your potential employer.

Creating a professional CV becomes a daunting task for many. You do not want to sound too desperate but at the same time, you also want to mention all your achievements. To resolve this predicament, Studenting Era comes to your rescue. It not only extends a platform for career counselling and career assessment but also assists in creating professional career profile. Studenting Era makes a lucrative place to get all your CV creation-related hassles resolved.

Following are a few tips one must abide by to create a successful CV:

Make sure to mention basic information in the right way

Before you eschew on how to make the CV more attractive and creative, get your basics right. Information such as your personal details, qualifications, experience, and skills must be mentioned, accurately.

Structure your CV well

Assemble your CV in an appropriate manner. Haphazard and poorly structured CVs are the first to be rejected. In addition to this, make sure to print the CV on a neat and clean paper. Along with the content, presentation of the CV is also significant.

Your CV should complement the job description

If any specific information is irrelevant to the post to your applying, then eliminating it from the CV would be a wise thing to do. Reading the job description carefully and tweaking your CV accordingly, will make your CV all more relevant and meaningful to the interviewer.

Do not overdo

Fancy layouts and font, use of colors and over-creative format can actually ruin your CV. Never overdo things in your CV. Keep it simple and appropriate.

Online career counseling and online career profiling services offered by Studenting Era has aided myriad students and youngsters in earning successful jobs. The career profiling service by Studenting Era helps you create an impeccable CV that will surely make you stand out in the crowd. End your hunt for a good job today with a successful career profile.

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Puzzled about where to find best online courses from foreign universities?

Global collaborative learning is the most novel way of education, being picked up rapidly by more and more students. Today, the world is connected more than ever and this has opened the routes to myriad innovative ways of learning. And the reason why global collaborative learning is so on our face is that of its innumerable benefits. Let’s have a handle on a few of its major advantages:

  • Such collaborations with foreign universities aid in making the students inquisitive. Students learn by asking questions to experts or other students. Learning by making inquiry not only makes them curious but also breaks open any inhibitions or personality apprehensions.
  • Global collaborative learning develops a feeling of oneness. When students collaborate with other students from around the world they understand that people beyond boundaries are similar to them. A mutual companionship develops when students opt for global collaborative learning.
  • It explicitly enhances self-management skills among students. When students move out of conventional classrooms, they become self-dependent and learn to manage things on their own.
  • Students develop a habit of critical thinking and problem-solving behavior. Debates and discussions help them to solve their problems on their own.

Studenting Era is a great platform for the best global collaborative learning programs. The expedient website connects you to numerous overseas education consultants in Delhi; it helps you to study abroad with the assistance of various consultants in Delhi. There is a generous list of top universities and colleges that are a part of Studenting Era’a global collaborative programs.

A few of such reputed colleges and universities are:

In addition to this, there is an even lengthier list of courses that are available as part of Studenting Era’s global collaborative programs. The expert overseas education consultants in Delhi are always available to assist students in deciding which course is best for them. IT Office Productivity Tools, IT Skills Program, IT Soft Business Skills, English Grammar, and Presentation Skills are some of the courses extended by Studenting Era.

The world is expanding at an unbelievable pace and today students must be ready for careers that don’t even exist now. Hence, education which can aid you in vying with unpredictable working and living situations has gradually become a mandate. And Studenting Era with its global collaborative program helps you achieve this goal.

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Importance of Understanding Healthcare for Students

Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or trend, it’s instead a lifestyle.

And this notion stands accurate at all times. Regardless of what your age or occupation is, staying healthy never goes out of style. However, where health is vital at all ages; healthcare is a little more crucial for students. That is the foundation phase of your life, things that are learned and adapted during that time stay with you always. It is also for this reason that teachers and parents are even more worried about the habits you pick because bad habits or a low heath developed during student life is likely to stay the same for the rest of the life.

Online doctor consultations in Delhi NCR reveals a few facts that expound how healthcare for students is significant:

  •       Traits such as alertness, concentration, engagement are better found in students that are healthy and fit.
  •        Indulgence in physical activities results in better learning and behavioral patterns amongst students. They have improved concentrations and mood that helps them perform better in class.
  •       Students with poor health or the ones who’re undernourished are mostly found be lethargic, tired with low concentration levels.
  •       Cognitive functions such as learning, memory, attention, and concentration are deficiently affected by the impact of smoking, drinking or drugs.
  •        Students who are involved in malpractices such as smoking and drinking are more likely to indulge in risky behavior in future.

The second significant aspect to contemplate over is that an understanding amongst students must be created vis-à-vis healthcare. Awareness amongst teachers and parents about the importance of healthcare for students will fetch little results unless students themselves don’t comprehend why it is important. Studenting Era has taken revolutionary steps in this direction. It lays utmost stress on making students aware of the importance of healthcare. It effectively helps students to get online doctor consultation in Delhi NCR. In addition to this, the facility of International Student Identity Card is another marvelous effort made by Studenting Era. This card provides the member with a Student Status which further showers various accommodating discounts. One amongst them is the medical discount you get at hospitals. This comes as the miraculous savior during the bad times. Such activities by Studenting Era furnish ample awareness regarding health amongst students.

Students must aim at attaining preventive health. It falls to the parent’s and teacher’s responsibility to make the students aware of ways they can take care of their health. Every student must at least know preventive measures to combat unexpected health troubles. Whereas for sensitive problems, aids such as International Student Identity Card, are always available. Joining Studenting Era and enrolling for this card is one great preventive measure every student must take for a healthy tomorrow.

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How Audio and Visual Lectures can be a Better Source of Learning?

From cooking to beauty hacks, music to dance to more technical and theoretical information, in this technology-driven world of today’s, audiovisual aids are the new way of learning. And this is being explicitly utilized in the education field to surprisingly extensive limits making it a substantial facet of this sector. The recent past has observed a fanatic upsurge in the use of audio-visual aids bestowing a revitalized classroom model for the new generation.

How audio and visual lectures can be a better source of learning

From schools to colleges, audios and videos are the new course mandate. Especially, in colleges, where lectures embody most of the classroom pursuits, audios and videos come out both as a blessing and a requirement. Audio and video lectures have colossally emerged in the education arena growing incredibly popular among teachers and students equally. The contemporary idea of education evidently affirms that audio and video lectures are a better source of learning.

But what is it that has occasioned to such mammoth rise of audio and video lectures in today’s learning process? Researchers assert that novel concepts can be comprehended and learned more easily when presented and taught in audiovisual form. Visual information can be easily decoded by the brain and stays there for longer time. This is perhaps why we remember everything that happened in a movie far more clearly than what was told to us at a lecture. Makes sense?

But it is not the sole reason why audio and video lectures are a better source of learning. There is a roll of advantages we derive from them.

Advantages of audio and video lectures


One major reason for such a spontaneous growth of audio and video lectures is that it flings an instant interest among the students. The videos and audios keep the students more engaged and attentive. Monotony and boredom are chucked out in audio and video lectures.


At the disposal of options like pause, repeat, re-play, note-taking comes to be a plain-sailing task. In contrast to standard lectures, where the teacher keeps on speaking at a normal pace notwithstanding your speed, audio and video lectures make for a refreshing change. Digital libraries come in handy for this purpose.

Expedient in understanding complex topics

Complex topics such as clinical and mechanical procedures can be understood easily with the assistance of audio and video lectures. Permanent availability of such lectures makes you view them as many times as you want, till you completely get versed with the concept.

Boon for online learning courses

For students who opt for online learning courses, such digital libraries with audio and video lectures come as an advantage. Students can have access to these lectures from anywhere in the world. Despite not being actually present in the lecture, they can still hear the lecturer and look at the procedures, as if they were actually in the class.

Diverse teaching technique

With the availability of digital libraries, students don’t get stuck with a single teaching technique. You can browse between various lectures, each with a different teaching method. Hence, if you don’t get clarity of concept from one lecture, you can try another with a different teaching technique.

Therefore, it is for the benefits of the audio and video lectures that they have become the leading choice for students over standard classroom lectures. Studenting Era’s online channel of the digital library is quite a paradigm in this expanse. It holds an extensive assortment of audio and video channels, e-books from the world’s leading universities, organizations and NGOs such as Yale, Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. It encompasses video and audios on academic and professional development, soft and lifestyle skills. With Studenting Era’s rife digital library backing you up, one can think of opting any career option after graduation, because every relevant information is readily accessible here.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Personality

5 ways to improve your personality.

Is a new college or workplace making you anxious?

Do you feel diffident and apprehensive because you think you have a timid personality?

A buoyant and confident personality is indeed an instant attraction. It’s one of the best and swiftest way of creating an impression on your audience. As a general notion, it is always said that good looks are temporary but a good personality is permanent and an assured way to success.

But not all of us are blessed with an upbeat personality. Initiating a conversation or talking to a stranger is one of the most daunting tasks for most of us. It feels like the entire crowd is staring just at us or the roof might fall anytime. Ever happened? If yes, welcome to the club. For whether we might accept it or not we all have been there at some point in time.

However, such apprehensions should not become a blocking stone for you. Long time back, psychologists believed, personality is perpetual and cannot be altered, but on the contrary, it can be. So, if a personality filled with aplomb has been nonexistent for you up till now, it’s revolution time.

Below mentioned are 5 easy ways you can improve your personality:

Develop a positive outlook

Being always negative and complaining is the sign of a weak personality, besides it is quite likely that people might shy away from you because of this. Just the reverse, people with a positive stance easily earn people’s fondness. Try not to be judgmental of both people and things. Give yourself a chance to like others by upholding a positive attitude. Reach out to the best career counseling in Delhi NCR and each will suggest you to have an affirmative viewpoint for long-lasting success. Because it is the most basic interpersonal skill that you can develop; it radically improves your student’s lifestyle and later as well.

Uphold an opinion

Having an opinion exhibits your ability to comprehend. It enables you to contribute something to a conversation. However, it should not be a horseback opinion. Carefully consider the issue and form a thoughtful perspective. Further, always present your views gracefully and don’t appear as a know-it-all.

Be a good listener

Looking into the eyes and listening actively to somebody makes them feel special and happy. It is a smooth way of engaging a person in your conversation as when you listen intently to somebody they respond likewise. It is also an opportunity for you to know about new things. Being one of the best career counseling sites in Delhi NCR, Studenting Era, teach students as a part of their online career development programme to be good listeners for its significance is even higher for a student’s lifestyle.

Read a lot!

Reading never hurts no matter in what abundance you do. Reading increases both your knowledge and interests. You always have something new to share with people. Alongside, developing a habit of reading about the current issues is like a cherry on the cake. Not only you are indulging in reading (a fabulous thing to do in itself) but are staying updated too.

Have integrity

Being honest with oneself and others is an attribute not very common yet highly admired. People who are true to their word reap everybody’s respect; subsequently, people find you as someone they can confide in. Integrity is a major plus to a great personality.

Studenting Era which offers the best career counseling in Delhi NCR explicitly encourage these five traits in their online career development programmes. For a hassle-free college life and flourishing career, a confident personality is of utmost importance. However, being yourself is even more important than having a good personality. If in a race of being the best you stop being yourself, things will soon backfire. No success would linger longer in the dearth of authenticity.

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Is it accurate to say that you are considering your skills development and employability?

skills development.jpg

In the evolving situation, there is an overwhelming requirement for talented laborers for the business and the activity showcase. India creates near 50 lakh graduates each year. In any case, according to a current report, managers discovered pretty much 25% of Indian graduates are ’employable’ in the composed division. This point to one truth in regards to the significance of right skill development training programs and employability training programs in India..


The attention ought to be on upgrade of nature of ability being delivered in the nation consistently. Some genuine and quick activity is required toward this path; else we would soon be heading towards a test where training and instructive capabilities would lose their believability.


Studenting Era, an outstanding online career counseling platform, gives best career guidance after graduation in Delhi/NCR region. It is an entrance which enables students to approach data, services, and openings which will help them to upgrade their career objectives and targets.


Studenting Era’s project and employability programs are best in Delhi/NCR region. Studenting Era additionally gives skill development training program in Delhi/NCR.


The Indian training framework is characteristically defective because of flawed conveyance of the educational module, an archaic examination system, shortage of skilled teachers, insufficient supplementary perusing and the student’s powerlessness to relate hypothesis and practice.


The Indian education system puts greatest emphasis on bookish knowledge. There is no much spotlight on down to earth encounter even in the best schools and specialized universities. Henceforth, when an individual finishes graduation, he or she battles to apply this information in the genuine situation and regularly flop in their career choice.


By acquainting students with a portion of the employable skills ideal from school level will help them to get ready and adjust to genuine work circumstances without much exertion. It will likewise facilitate the change stage from being a student to being an expert.


The school and college curriculum must be outlined such that it guarantees greater employability for college pass outs. More communication is required between the students and the business.


In such a circumstance online student counselors like Studenting Era assumes a basic part in giving project and employability programs to students. Studenting Era’s skill development training program and business development training are best in Delhi/NCR.


The essential purposes behind expertise deficiency in India are faculty and facility. The faculty’s part needs to change from circulating notes to encouraging the general learning ofstudents.


A huge number of students end up at intersection after their graduation when despite everything they have no idea about their future objectives. They understand their error just when it’s past the point of no return.


Consequently, there is a need to change the skill development  of our childhood. Numerous students after college graduation are unemployable because of absence of down to earth learning and right skills.


There is a pressing requirement for skill development counselors and advisors. Online student counsellors like Studenting Era are giving the best project and employability programs in Delhi/NCR region.. It is an online stage that students the country over can access for the skill development training program.


Studenting Era is a leading online platform which is helping students with online career counseling to become more employable.


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