Are you thinking about your skills development and employability?

Skills Development and Employability

In the changing scenario, there is an overpowering need for skilled workers for the industry and the job market. India produces close to 50 lakh graduates every year. But as per a recent study, employers found just about 25% of Indian graduates are ‘employable’ in the organized sector. This point to one truth regarding the importance of right skill development training programs and employability training programs in India.

The focus should be on enhancement of quality of talent being produced in the country every year. Some serious and immediate action is required in this direction; else we would soon be heading towards a challenge where education and educational qualifications would lose their credibility.

Studenting Era, a well-known online student career counseling platform, provides best career guidance after graduation in Delhi/NCR region. It is a portal which allows students to have access to information, services, and opportunities which will assist them to enhance their career goals and objectives.

Studenting Era’s project and employability programs are best in Delhi/NCR region. Studenting Era also provide skill development training program in Delhi/NCR.

The Indian education system is inherently flawed due to imperfect delivery of the curricula, an archaic examination system, shortage of skilled teachers, inadequate supplementary reading and the student’s inability to correlate theory and practice.

The Indian education system puts maximum emphasis on bookish knowledge. There is no much focus on practical experience even in the best schools and technical colleges. Hence, when an individual completes graduation, he or she struggles to apply this knowledge in the real-life scenario and often fail in their career choice.

By introducing students to some of the employable skills right from school level will help them to prepare and adapt to real work situations without much effort. It will also ease the transition phase from being a student to being a professional.

The school and college curriculum must be designed in such a way that it ensures more employability for college pass outs. More interaction is required between the students and the industry.

In such a situation online student counselors like Studenting Era plays a critical role in providing project and employability programs to students. Studenting Era’s skill development training program and business development training programs are best in Delhi/NCR.

The primary reasons for skill shortage in India are faculty and facility. The faculty’s role needs to change from distributing notes to facilitating the overall learning of students.

Thousands of students find themselves at crossroads after their graduation when they still have no clue about their future goals. They realize their mistake only when it’s too late.

​​Hence, there is a need to transform the skill development of our youth. Many students after college graduation are unemployable due to lack of practical knowledge and right skills.

There is an urgent need for skill development counselors and advisors. Online student counsellors like Studenting Era are providing the best project and employability programs in Delhi/NCR region. It is an online platform that students across the nation can access for the skill development training program.

Studenting Era is a leading online platform which is helping students with online career counseling to become more employable.


Committed online portals offering career counselin g for experts looking for change of stream!

For the most part, students who can accomplish their absorption with the monetary field of decision post higher education are viewed as fortunate. They locate their new part as experts! Be that as it may, for a sizeable extent of professionals, the fantasy isn’t satisfied and they get themselves conflicting with their activity profile. They never discover the fulfillment which they tried for and accordingly get impassive. This occurs because of flawed choice of profession stream after center school and poor counselling ; and absence of data has been discovered in charge of this error! Tragically, bunches of students endure the awful choice and when the predicament develops, the decisions are lost! Presently we discover tests as career counseling for professionals that are being helped through the online systems of committed esteem. Some online gateways like studentingra were set up with the goal of offering profession change advice to those occupants who are not finding the reverberation with their present place of employment parts. Strikingly, such activities have light in a brief span traverse and have discovered huge quantities of experts who look for the guidance with respect to better career decisions.

Career guidance for professionals through convenient data

The target escorts that are accessible as constant data with respect to the new activity offers has risen as the characterizing parameter of these gateways that are putting forth imperative career change exhortation to its individuals. This implies the expert who stays occupied for the entire day and week in his schedules and work area works and finds no opportunity to scout for work data is served the same in a convenient way! This makes the striking contrast for him and exchanging turns out to be simple. These online activities have likewise turned into the sections for the experts who are generally happy with their profession stream however need to make quick overhauls. They depend on the constant career guidance for professionals to move to fatter pay scales!

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Discover What to Do After Graduation through the Personalized Online Career Counseling

Career Counselling

Training and tutoring is a long trip and begins from adolescence and proceeds till the individual gets youthful. The decision that he receives in center and advanced education decides the profession prospects. Graduation is in this manner fundamental and grooms the understudy in the picked field of scholastics/aptitudes. In any case, the most recent couple of decades have seen better separation rising in the advanced education and now there is appeal for specializations post graduation. In this way most understudies need to know as what to do after graduation and what are the best after graduation courses.

The role career counseling

While there has been striking separation at post graduate level in higher scholastics all through the world, the mindfulness for the same is really low and understudies don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct options accessible to them. This prompts vocation errors or wrongful decision by them prompting exercise in futility and vitality! Career counseling as idea has subsequently risen noteworthy and numerous students now connect with the profession guides to get the customized and right counsel. The counselors monitor the rising flow in the profession fields and they control the searcher about the best career after graduation. Such advice is offered in the wake of considering different parameters that are resounding to the students. The counselor considers the prospects that a specific profession choice offers with respect to other and furthermore evaluates its focused list. Such examination is then combined with the individual inclinations, preferences and potential capacities previously the last decision is filled in as exhortation. This makes the career counseling exceptionally customized and the understudy picks the best alternative from various after graduation courses.

Online career advice is available!

Online career counseling is yet another brilliant examination that uses the energy of web and enables any understudy to connect with a career master to look for the customized counsel progressively. The best piece of such online career counseling is that there is no compelling reason to move out of one’s city and web based interfacing through PC screen does all the errand. The understudies dwelling in the little urban communities and towns have turned into the greatest recipient and they can likewise look for the best advice identified with their career now.

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Importance of study abroad on Student Careers and Employment


Study abroad is an energizing idea – the chance of flying out to another goal and influencing it to home for a long time, meeting new individuals, and encountering an exceptional culture while you learn. In any case, the true objective for the majority of us is significantly more vital – the close sureness that higher education abroad will enable us to get the kind of the desired occupation we look for. Like each other choice you are looked with, this too has its points of interest and weaknesses, yet in the event that you are searching for a strong platform for your profession, investigate has demonstrated that the masters far exceed the cons.

How about we address the most critical preferred standpoint first – proficient development. Posting an outside degree on your list of qualifications causes it emerges from the group. Realizing that you have attempted higher education overseas has a beneficial outcome on potential businesses since it offers an understanding into your scholastic accomplishments, yet in addition, all the more critically, says a lot about your capacity to change in accordance with another culture and condition. In an undeniably globalized working environment, organizations are currently searching out applicants with a comprehension of social contrasts. Forthcoming businesses will probably observe a man with an outside degree as somebody who is balanced, who can see things on a worldwide level and comprehends the subtleties of interfacing with an assorted worldwide group of onlookers. Further, the introduction to an alternate strategy for instruction implies that you have the demonstrated capacity to make that additional effort– an unmistakable sign that you will buckle down and learn new things. Anybody whose CV expresses that he or she contemplated abroad will have this one gigantic favorable position – in light of the fact that, at any rate, it demonstrates that you are free, that you can adjust to various situations, and that you have activity.

Employers effectively try to utilize graduates who have increased universal experience either by contemplating or working abroad. Learning at a remote school additionally sharpens your culturally diverse aptitudes, betters relational correspondence, and exhibits that your capacity to adjust to various circumstances. Higher education overseas also encourages you to get a new point of view in transit you think. The understudies stretched out the introduction to another culture brings about a more open outlook, perceiving and understanding the significance of decent variety, and being more tolerant of social contrasts.

By and by as well, study abroad can have phenomenally positive and expansive impacts. One investigation of individuals with a remote degree demonstrated that more than 80% of those reviewed accepted to have built up a more refined method for taking a gander at the world as a result of their higher study abroad.” Such people are more likely to search for an assorted arrangement of companions, which impacts their viewpoint and persona long after their examination abroad encounters finished. It isn’t all blushing, be that as it may. A sudden change from all that is commonplace and figuring out how to explore socially in a totally new condition can be both sincerely and rationally overpowering for some individuals. In any case, once you pass this stage, such encounters prompt an enormous development bend, helping you figure out how to adjust to new difficulties and circumstances and to develop as a man. The way that such encounters as a general rule ingrain administration qualities in a man additionally make them appealing to potential employers.


Moreover, one similarly essential part of the overseas education you should consider is the sheer number of alternatives this way will open up for you. There is an expanding number of individuals who choose to come back to their local nation in the wake of getting a degree abroad, as a result of the plenty of employment offers anticipating them at home. The vast majority with a degree from a regarded worldwide foundation wind up landing their preferred position, at great remuneration, in the event that they choose to come back to their nation of origin. In any case, there is an equivalent number of understudies that work abroad – and such individuals additionally have the additionally preferred standpoint of having the top to bottom, hands-on involvement of varying societies, which makes them more attractive to organizations looking for really worldwide pioneers.

At long last, a few abilities must be picked up by getting a higher education abroad, for example, information of social contrasts, which is a tremendous favorable position while managing individuals from over the globe. Getting your degree abroad offers a huge number of individual and expert advantages. The universal experience a man accumulates from such a training makes them more appealing to organizations who are trying to enlist individuals with an adaptable state of mind, who are multilingual, and, above all, agreeable in multicultural settings.

In the event that you are as yet not certain of what’s in store, do think about observing more data and exhortation from our accomplished guides.


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Studenting Era announces CARE, an initiative on Child Development and Behavioral Management

Studenting Era has announced a major initiative for child development and behavioral management called CARE to socially contribute to the student community. It was announced at The Park, New Delhi in an inauguration ceremony and conclave that was attended by prominent people in the education sector including academicians from schools, colleges, institutions, universities and the government.

CARE is an initiative by Studenting Era whose main objective was to build an ecosystem which supports the process of internal and external development of a child and take initiative to address various aspects of their behavioral changes as they grow up, especially at the stage of adolescence. It is a collaborative platform where leaders from across the fraternity have joined together for a common cause.

Anil Swarup, Secretary, School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, made a keynote speech in the inauguration and said “Child Development is that aspect of child’s growth that we all need to focus. At this time of our growth cycle, there is a need for proactive guidance and support from parents, mentors, and teachers. Managing behavioral changes among children is the key and we should observe the changes, analyze them, initiate discussion, engage and collaborate with the child and help transform into a happy human being.”

Raja Dasgupta, CEO of Studenting Era, shared that “Through this initiative, Studenting Era would like to address the positive aspects of adolescence like education, aspirations, self-confidence, and motivation as well as the challenges like addiction, child abuse and safety, cybercrime and social media protection.”

Anu Aggarwal, iconic actress and model, said, “Yoga and meditation can prove to be a panacea for child development. It has been adopted in many major universities abroad and the results have been found to be quite positive.”

A panel session was also organized in the program, in which panelist Saeed Kausar said that, “The children need to have adequate emotional nutrition in the school and family, to remove them from the problem of child trafficking and their development.” Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Senior Psychologist, Moolchand Hospital, Delhi also believed that there is a huge lack of counselors in the schools, which is also causing such problems. In addition, many panelists also supported that lifestyle is very responsible for all of these.

Cyber Expert Gururaj P said, “Social media may at times play a role in enhancing the crime. To what extent the Internet is to be used and it is important to understand the side effects on children.”

More speakers such as Vasant Agarwal (Author and Leading speaker on De-addiction), Prof. Daniel Khan (An International Educationist), Alka Verma (Senior Consultant for Education, Priya Bhargava (Freelance writer and Author), Navin Gulia (Accomplished Author and Motivational Speaker), Ramesh Kailasam (Business Strategist), Sudipta Gupta (Director ELT), Varun Khullar (Vice President, Education Category at Paytm), Dr. Paresh Rughani (International, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker ACMA (UK). Some more panelists were Anshul Pathak (Vice Chairman, Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad Society), Dr. Nanditesh Nilay (Social Scientist and Thinker) and Arunabh Singh (Principal and Promoter of Nehru World School Ghaziabad).

Studenting Era will be organizing a series of activities under this initiative. These will include collaborative tools, seminars, conferences, workshops, online communities, and others to help create a difference in the grassroots.

Source: ANI

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How will Career Counseling and Guidance help you in Career Growth by Counselors?


On the off chance that we pass by the essential word reference definition, at that point career counseling alludes to the assistance or guidance gave by an expert on career opportunities most appropriate for the person.

“Most appropriate for the people” here implies that career counselors must survey the qualities, capacities, bent, identity, and interests of the person to deliberately gage, break down and comprehend them, and in this manner, after legitimate consultation with the individual and in view of a logical investigation of ‘who, why, what, where, when and how’ they are, the advisor at that point exhorts the person on the correct career path. This implies the individual is presented to the information of his own self, as well as the careers which will best match his qualities, which in the end prompt higher occupation fulfillment.

Numerous a-times we settle on taking up a specific subject in school, or a course in college, or an occupation later on in light of no less than one of the accompanying reasons –

  • Because your closest companion took up that specific subject / course / job.
  • Because your parents / senior sibling / sister, relative revealed to you that a specific subject / course / work is exceptionally encouraging and your future will be set in the event that you take it up.
  • Because you got great marks and you were meeting the qualification criteria for a first class subject/course thus you took it up.
  • Because you got low checks and you were not meeting the qualification criteria of any subject/course so you took up whichever alternative was accessible to you.
  • Because you were ignorant regarding your advantage and did not have any plans about your future career, so you accepted the way things are and took up that subject / course / job which was effectively accessible by then of time.
  • Because you had an enthusiasm for something so you assumed that you will have the capacity to do well in a subject/course/work identified with your advantage.
  • Because you would not like to take after the traditional career decision of what every other person was doing and needed to accomplish something else than the others and hence, you took up a subject/course/college which you felt was the most odd.
  • Because you are attracted by the excitement / acclaim / cash which is related with a specific way of lifestyle.

What the vast majority of us don’t understand is that achievement in life and in professions won’t come if our choices on subject / course / work decisions depend on what our companions are doing, or what our parents and family or we feel will suit us, or simply passing by what interests us. Almost 65% of understudies (college students) need to change their fields in college since they have picked the wrong subjects. It is likewise an investigated reality that more than 80% individuals feel worried at work in view of being career loners.

This subject / course / work disappointment happens on the grounds that we don’t understand what our qualities are, what our identity resembles, and what sort of bent do we have. We take after the standards that have been set for us and don’t search inside our own selves to locate our own shrouded gifts.

The tale of the film “Kung Fu Panda” can be great case for understanding this idea.

An infant panda bear called Po was raised by a goose winged animal called Mr. Ping, in any case, that does not imply that he himself will have the capacity to end up noticeably a fruitful goose. The panda can’t fly like the goose, nor does he feel cheerful doing the soup systematic his father.

This is on account of the panda has his own particular fitness, interests, identity, and range of abilities. He ended up plainly content with his newly discovered career of a kung fu warrior since it coordinated his enthusiasm, as well as his inclination, and intrigue. His identity at first did not math up to his career of a kung fu warrior, yet in the wake of accepting some direction and tips from his lord, he could improve his identity and do well in his profession. The attribute of fitness isn’t obvious at first glance. It is inside and should be investigated by every single one of us. While identity is outer, however it can simply be improved with appropriate direction. This is the place the part of a career counselor comes into the photo.

The master group of clinicians at Studentingera investigates the intrinsic capability of every person through logically created psychometric tests and instruments. This investigation is then related with the education background, financial components of the individual, area factor, family situation, among a ton of different things.

It is simply after this intensive examination of all factors that the counselors guide and advise the individual on the most appropriate career path.

How this data will help you is that in light of this report, not just you will get clearness all alone qualities and the most appropriate career after graduation for you, however it will likewise chalk out a RIGHT career path, exhorting you on what you ought to do to construct the vocation that fits you the most.

Need assistance in finding your inborn ability? Give Studentingera a chance to help you. Enlist with Studentingera and take the Test to discover your qualities.

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Prestigious Universities for Indian Students to Study Abroad


For many Indian students, studying in top international universities is a dream, but financial constraints can sometimes be a barrier to such dreams. This is why many Indian peoples try to ensure that our talented students are not denied quality education due to lack of funds.

Studenting Era is providing this path to students after class 12th or graduations, who wish to study abroad in prestigious universities such as State university of New York, University of Derby.

Here are the universities if you are planning a higher education in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom

State university of New York:

SUNY USA training & Skill enhancement programs with NEF Scholarship

This university is one of the largest university in the world engaged in bridging the Employment, Digital and Academic divides by providing high quality affordable 21st century Online Education to Students and Job seekers in the areas of Digital Literacy, IT, Employability skills, Corporate Training with highest quality and standard.

This is one of the best options for students to study in abroad or overseas education.

Area of Courses:

IT Office Productivity Tools : Adobe, Apple Mac OS X, Apple Safari X, Best Practices for Desktop, Laptop Users, Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 2013

IT Skills Program: Software Development, Operating Systems and Server, Technologies, Internet and Network Technologies

IT Soft Business Skills: Business Strategy and Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Administration, Management and Leadership

University of Derby:

The University of Derby Online Learning is UK’s leading universities for online distance learning and has been offering online degree courses for over 10 years.

All courses can be studied 100% online, giving you the flexibility to get certified with the university qualification alongside your career and personal commitments.

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What do i need before I start a small business and startup?

Enterpreneurship development & mentorship Programme offered by Studenting Era is highly recommended for those who want to be a successful business person further in life and want to starts the startup business soon.

Studentingera offers these types of programmes and training to your small business and startup :

Business development training

Entrepreneurship Development and Mentorship

Projects and employability programs

Employability assessment program

Entrepreneurship development programme in Delhi Ncr
Reach us from here : Entrepreneurship Development & Mentorship Programme| Studenting Era

Shaping and Managing Your Child’s developing Behaviour

Child Development & Behaviour Management - CARE 2017.jpg

“A Happy Child grows up to be a Happy Adult and that makes a Happy Planet to live in”.

As an educationist, you play an important part in a child’s development & behaviour management. You constantly strive to bring the best out in your students.

At times, this can be challenging.

Studenting Era brings you the perfect solution through its upcoming conclave in Delhi NCR on 8th Dec’17 on Child Development & Behavioural Management.

CARE 2017, a one day conclave organised by Studenting Era unites a panel of experienced speakers and student psychologists in Delhi NCR with more than 250 directors and decision makers from schools, universities, colleges, institutions and NGO’s, etc.

Studenting Era’s Child Development & Behaviour Management 2017 conclave, CARE 2017, aims to promote awareness among the various academic influences of children that include School Principals, Consultants, Educationists, Student Counsellors, addiction & behavioural health professionals and those involved in similar practises, etc. on significant social issues that may interfere in a child’s development.

The conclave further touches upon:

  • The various tools that help to manage the behavioural aspects of a child during their growing years.
  • Positive thinking and the importance of child education in this new era through the topic ‘Fame to Self’.
  • Social issues like Addiction, Child abuse and safety solutions.
  • Effectively managing the social media impact among children and the rise of cyber crime.
  • Panel discussion on the topic ‘Constructive guidance and counselling, “Creating a Threat Free environment”, “Empowering a Child” and “Gamifying the Learning”.

A compilation of proactive sessions with state-of-the-science evidence based presentations and an expert speaker line up with-

  • Anil Swarup– Secretary – School Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development.
  • Anu Aggarwal– Bestselling Author, Yoga guru, TEDx speaker, iconic Actress & model.
  • Vasant Agarwal– Author, Leading Speaker and Trainer on De-Addiction, Positive Thinking and Life Skills.
  • Sayeed Kauser– Leading expert in Early Childhood development
  • Gururaj P– Education and Technology Consultant Cyber Security Consultant
  • Navin Gulia– Famous Inspirational speaker, Author, TEDx speaker
  • Priya Bhargava– Inspirational speaker, Miss Wheelchair India 2015 beauty pageant winner, Miss Wheelchair World ambassador, Software engineer, educationist, a freelance writer and an author.
  • (Dr) V N Rajasekharan Pillai– President of Mewar University, Exec Vice President – Kerala State council for Science, technology & Environment, 6th VC of IGNOU, ex Chairman of UGC, ex Director of NAAC, ex VC of Mahatma Gandhi University and Cochin University.
  • Professor Daniel Khan– An International Educationist, Chief Executive of NISAI Skills Academy, ex Principal and Chief Executive of St Patrick’s College, The Open College Network and Grimsby Institute, United Kingdom. Awarded an OBE by the Queen of United Kingdom for his services to Education.
  • Paresh Rughani– International Motivational and Inspirational Speaker ACMA (UK).

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