The wave of digitization has not only hit but everything is floating on it. Traditional methods are being sidelined to online communities, discussion groups, training, courses, guides and other online student services.

The ‘geographic’ problem has been widely solved thanks to better internet and adoption of mobile technology by …nearly…EVERYONE.

E-learning and related services can be a solution to massive infrastructure and trained manpower related problems that India is facing in the education sector. Hardware and software development for e-learning tools, technologies and pedagogy are being encouraged by the government. India has become the largest market for e-learning after the USA, and the sector is expected to receive a boost from the Government’s Rs 1.13 trillion Digital India Initiative.

The Government of India has identified e-learning as one of the thrust areas for imparting education. It is even encouraging e-learning start-ups and communities to help it achieve this goal and be a part of the Digital India Initiative.

The entire option of one’s searching anything online has properly fueled the need of one expecting all forms of support from online. From homestays to last minute exam preparation.

Rise of the education start-ups

Various concepts and offerings have bundled up through education startups by only using technology. Every student is online, this might sound too confident but at least 95% of the statement is true and will reach 100% validation soon.  Internet classrooms are becoming an ‘in thing’ in reaching out to students in the rural areas as digitization combined with government efforts is reaching that far.

Services include offerings of theorems like the understanding of the Pythagoras theorem online to a one-stop student query portal. Part of such a force is Studenting Era. It is not only providing services but seeks to create an environment which will enable students to get access to information, services and opportunities which will assist them to enhance their career goals and objectives. They seek to a continuum of evolution with the most diverged services which are relevant & aspirational for students, thus parenting them towards success.

Challenges and opportunities

As students seek more and more support, the digital world comes up with resolutions to meet their demand. However, it is also true that the superiority of digital courseware is tough to produce. Most of the participants in such courses are already well educated- there are very few students from poor backgrounds. Also, there is so much support that a student needs beyond just education material, there is a challenge there that Studenting Era executes as an opportunity. Providing more than what they would pay, probably irreplaceable in material value. From publications to harboring communities. It seeks to be an active contributor to the initiative of Digital India.
Studenting is a part of everyone’s life and Studenting Era wishes to provide all kinds of support and services which are essentially important for students in whatever they seek to do.

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