The Digital age benefits everyone, even a student. Not just online learning and courses, but helping students be a part of it and build an ecosystem that is symbiotic in nature. Creating a global collaborative of knowledge. This wave has also given rise to a deluge. A deluge of services and content that is not there to enable students but it leads them to wonder. To wonder whether on-line is worth it. Hacking this deluge and marking a milestone to revolutionize student services online, Studentingera is here to create a shift, a disruption to this world of digital student services. Now, how does a student transform into a smart student?

  1. Explore: Scroll your mouse onto the URL bar and type in, explore each and every tab that is there for you to enable you. Keep the exploration perspective and understand that our service not only enable but is there to accelerate you. Explore all student services available online and see what disruption we provide. Define -Is it worth your time or is it time for you to sign up now. Studentingera is here to give you the hot seat. So dorn the hat and conquer.
  2. The world to you: Online services provide a plethora of options to students everywhere, but is it everything to be offered or is it just re-furbished data? Not at Studentingera. We are offering the world to you. From Career counseling, online courses from international universities, development programs to internship opportunities and mentoring programs. A portal, which opens you to a world of opportunities to you, for you and for you.
  3. Current Information: All information that is available here, whether it is notes or material, it is the best available and current. How? Because, along with you and in collaboration with industry leaders, vet the content and make sure it has value beyond offering.
  4. 24/7: having the SMART edge means being efficient anytime. Studentingera is a digital portal that is available online, anytime and is constantly updated to make you smarter and sharper.
  5. Focus: A smart person is always focused beyond common. Updated with the latest industry trends, offerings, connected with mentors and driven by information of the only benefit. This what you get and more at Studentingera. Having a clear focus, sharper than an archer.
  6. Lifestyle Services: The best part is, not only just academic and career services but, Studentingera has taken the step further, offering student lifestyle services. From healthcare services online to all support services for you as a student. It is like all you need is this portal and you are sorted. Experience the efficiency and authenticity here and begin your journey as a smart student immediately.

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