Today the mobile and the digital device is not just a device anymore, its lifestyle. Any service provided through these lifestyle devices become a part of our living when it offers care. Becomes a partner for any situation. Providing answers quick, at that time and targeted. Today, various API solutions are willing to offer those, but there are still unable to cover the entire horizon. Studentingera is not only going to enable a student to stay ahead academically but overall. It is bringing to the digital student world an offering like never before. Lifestyle services. A student doesn’t need to navigate of the website, just click into another tab. The Value Additions:

  1. Healthcare for students: E-healthcare service providers emerged in the 21st century. It is an all circumference term for the combined use of electronic information, live services and communication technology in the health care sector. When providing the best of the best, Studnetingera has also stayed ahead of the game. Offering healthcare packages, partnered with industry leading e-healthcare service providers.
  2. Financial: Now decide on your career goals and financial decisions, all at Studentingera. Giving you access at a plethora of education loan offerings from premium financial institutions at the best rate.
  3. Student Supplies: When you are encouraged to dream beyond and have a global perspective, you are sometimes challenged at levels of stationary and supplies in specific fields. Whether it is world class level painting equipment to international stationary options, Studentingera is a portal complete.
  4. Vlogs of Lectures and Thought Leaders: There are thought leaders inspiring you every day, helping you inch in to your dreams and understand there reality better. While reading a good article by a mentor, scroll into his lecture right there rather than going into some other video site where you might be distracted. In this world Studentingera is the tailor, in its hand is the needle of truth, tied is the thread of student services. Stitching the world and students together into a design flawless by virtue and strong enough to build a better tomorrow.


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