Things every college student should know

1. The reality of text books

There are two simple rules to follow when it comes to textbooks:

Avoid buying your textbooks too early

Save money by buying and selling online (or, buy used books at your campus bookstore).

Many schools pen in a syllabus makes you buy all of the textbooks allocated on the syllabus each semester. However, just because it`s inscribed on paper doesn`t mean that you`re essentially going to use it plentiful to get your money`s worth. Every student learns inversely and every professor teaches differently. If you can, talk to other scholars who have taken a course to see if you will essentially need the textbooks, and then decide if you would purchase them.

Also, there are tons of materials online, try to find great ways to incorporate them into your syllabus.

2. Being involved in campus enables lasting friendships

The social life you build during college is a huge aspect of your college life. Being involved on campus in clubs, or sports will help you encounter with new people and grow lasting friendships. Enjoy yourself and with the friends you spend your time with. Even if you`re lazing around. College is about the individuals you meet, the understandings you go through, and the remembrances you make.

3. Learn the art of balancing work and play

Balancing an academic schedule, extracurricular, sports, perhaps a job, and a community life can be extremely challenging. All work and no play is a sure-fire recipe for unhappiness and will catch up to you in the long run. Learn the equilibrium of school work by taking the number of classes you feel comfortable taking on. Don`t over-involve yourself in activities, and if you have to work a part-time job, only work a few bendable hours per week. Keeping in mind that you still want to save time in your schedule for time out, recreation, and mingling.

4. Increase your hiring power with internships

If not a job get or sign up for an internship as soon as you can. Job recruiters love real-world experience, so plan on getting some before you graduate and you should be in great profile for your first job. Internships will not only equip you with applied, real-world experience, but you may even be one step ahead of the game. By landing a job offer for the profile you are already interning for.

Align and take the step for an efficient you by keeping these advices in mind.

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