Studenting Era : Signed a MoU with AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education)


Studenting Era signed a MoU with AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) to facilitate AICTE approved academic institutions with services for their students & academic faculty. The signing was done today (17th Oct’17) at the AICTE office, New Delhi in a ceremony chaired by Prof A D Sahasrabudhe. Mr. Raja Dasgupta (CEO, Studenting Era) and Prof A.P. Mittal (Member Secretary, AICTE) signed and exchanged the MoU in the presence of Ms. Ruchika Sarna and Mr. Abhishek Dey (Co-Founders and Directors of Studenting Era) and the senior management team from AICTE. The association will be driven by AICTE by promoting our products and services to 3 million students and thousands of professors & faculty members from AICTE approved Engineering, BBA, MCA and MBA colleges.

Special mention to the admirable leadership capability been demonstrated by Ruchika, who has not only driven the deal to closure, successfully, but also worked with the Management team of AICTE relentlessly for the last 9 months to make this happen. This is something very special. Kudos to Ruchika and the entire Studenting Era extended team. She was ably supported by the entire team. This has been one of the feather on SEPL cap, specially because of the magnitude of AICTE in the context of the education industry. It was definitely not easy to crack these BIG TICKET deals, looking at the legacy of AICTE and the age of our company. We look forward to leverage this alliance.

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