How will Career Counseling and Guidance help you in Career Growth by Counselors?


On the off chance that we pass by the essential word reference definition, at that point career counseling alludes to the assistance or guidance gave by an expert on career opportunities most appropriate for the person.

“Most appropriate for the people” here implies that career counselors must survey the qualities, capacities, bent, identity, and interests of the person to deliberately gage, break down and comprehend them, and in this manner, after legitimate consultation with the individual and in view of a logical investigation of ‘who, why, what, where, when and how’ they are, the advisor at that point exhorts the person on the correct career path. This implies the individual is presented to the information of his own self, as well as the careers which will best match his qualities, which in the end prompt higher occupation fulfillment.

Numerous a-times we settle on taking up a specific subject in school, or a course in college, or an occupation later on in light of no less than one of the accompanying reasons –

  • Because your closest companion took up that specific subject / course / job.
  • Because your parents / senior sibling / sister, relative revealed to you that a specific subject / course / work is exceptionally encouraging and your future will be set in the event that you take it up.
  • Because you got great marks and you were meeting the qualification criteria for a first class subject/course thus you took it up.
  • Because you got low checks and you were not meeting the qualification criteria of any subject/course so you took up whichever alternative was accessible to you.
  • Because you were ignorant regarding your advantage and did not have any plans about your future career, so you accepted the way things are and took up that subject / course / job which was effectively accessible by then of time.
  • Because you had an enthusiasm for something so you assumed that you will have the capacity to do well in a subject/course/work identified with your advantage.
  • Because you would not like to take after the traditional career decision of what every other person was doing and needed to accomplish something else than the others and hence, you took up a subject/course/college which you felt was the most odd.
  • Because you are attracted by the excitement / acclaim / cash which is related with a specific way of lifestyle.

What the vast majority of us don’t understand is that achievement in life and in professions won’t come if our choices on subject / course / work decisions depend on what our companions are doing, or what our parents and family or we feel will suit us, or simply passing by what interests us. Almost 65% of understudies (college students) need to change their fields in college since they have picked the wrong subjects. It is likewise an investigated reality that more than 80% individuals feel worried at work in view of being career loners.

This subject / course / work disappointment happens on the grounds that we don’t understand what our qualities are, what our identity resembles, and what sort of bent do we have. We take after the standards that have been set for us and don’t search inside our own selves to locate our own shrouded gifts.

The tale of the film “Kung Fu Panda” can be great case for understanding this idea.

An infant panda bear called Po was raised by a goose winged animal called Mr. Ping, in any case, that does not imply that he himself will have the capacity to end up noticeably a fruitful goose. The panda can’t fly like the goose, nor does he feel cheerful doing the soup systematic his father.

This is on account of the panda has his own particular fitness, interests, identity, and range of abilities. He ended up plainly content with his newly discovered career of a kung fu warrior since it coordinated his enthusiasm, as well as his inclination, and intrigue. His identity at first did not math up to his career of a kung fu warrior, yet in the wake of accepting some direction and tips from his lord, he could improve his identity and do well in his profession. The attribute of fitness isn’t obvious at first glance. It is inside and should be investigated by every single one of us. While identity is outer, however it can simply be improved with appropriate direction. This is the place the part of a career counselor comes into the photo.

The master group of clinicians at Studentingera investigates the intrinsic capability of every person through logically created psychometric tests and instruments. This investigation is then related with the education background, financial components of the individual, area factor, family situation, among a ton of different things.

It is simply after this intensive examination of all factors that the counselors guide and advise the individual on the most appropriate career path.

How this data will help you is that in light of this report, not just you will get clearness all alone qualities and the most appropriate career after graduation for you, however it will likewise chalk out a RIGHT career path, exhorting you on what you ought to do to construct the vocation that fits you the most.

Need assistance in finding your inborn ability? Give Studentingera a chance to help you. Enlist with Studentingera and take the Test to discover your qualities.

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