Are you thinking about your skills development and employability?

Skills Development and Employability

In the changing scenario, there is an overpowering need for skilled workers for the industry and the job market. India produces close to 50 lakh graduates every year. But as per a recent study, employers found just about 25% of Indian graduates are ‘employable’ in the organized sector. This point to one truth regarding the importance of right skill development training programs and employability training programs in India.

The focus should be on enhancement of quality of talent being produced in the country every year. Some serious and immediate action is required in this direction; else we would soon be heading towards a challenge where education and educational qualifications would lose their credibility.

Studenting Era, a well-known online student career counseling platform, provides best career guidance after graduation in Delhi/NCR region. It is a portal which allows students to have access to information, services, and opportunities which will assist them to enhance their career goals and objectives.

Studenting Era’s project and employability programs are best in Delhi/NCR region. Studenting Era also provide skill development training program in Delhi/NCR.

The Indian education system is inherently flawed due to imperfect delivery of the curricula, an archaic examination system, shortage of skilled teachers, inadequate supplementary reading and the student’s inability to correlate theory and practice.

The Indian education system puts maximum emphasis on bookish knowledge. There is no much focus on practical experience even in the best schools and technical colleges. Hence, when an individual completes graduation, he or she struggles to apply this knowledge in the real-life scenario and often fail in their career choice.

By introducing students to some of the employable skills right from school level will help them to prepare and adapt to real work situations without much effort. It will also ease the transition phase from being a student to being a professional.

The school and college curriculum must be designed in such a way that it ensures more employability for college pass outs. More interaction is required between the students and the industry.

In such a situation online student counselors like Studenting Era plays a critical role in providing project and employability programs to students. Studenting Era’s skill development training program and business development training programs are best in Delhi/NCR.

The primary reasons for skill shortage in India are faculty and facility. The faculty’s role needs to change from distributing notes to facilitating the overall learning of students.

Thousands of students find themselves at crossroads after their graduation when they still have no clue about their future goals. They realize their mistake only when it’s too late.

​​Hence, there is a need to transform the skill development of our youth. Many students after college graduation are unemployable due to lack of practical knowledge and right skills.

There is an urgent need for skill development counselors and advisors. Online student counsellors like Studenting Era are providing the best project and employability programs in Delhi/NCR region. It is an online platform that students across the nation can access for the skill development training program.

Studenting Era is a leading online platform which is helping students with online career counseling to become more employable.


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