Why maintaining and sharing notes are important?

Have you been through times where examinations are just standing outside your window and the heavy books appear to be laughing at your face? Do you feel completely lost amidst the chapters of those voluminous hardbacks?  Have you felt like beating yourself up for not taking notes in the class which could have made things a little less wearisome now?

We all have been through a time during our school or college days when we are stuck in the middle of books and nearing exams and neither seem to help. It is that moment of perplexity where we realize the importance of note-taking. Maintaining notes plays a crucial role in student life. Not only they make things plain-sailing during the eleventh hour but they also assist in developing many positive attributes in the student.

Take a lowdown on why maintaining notes is important-

Class concepts: A strong memory doesn’t stipulate the retention of everything that is discussed in the class. Sooner or later, you fail to recall the concepts covered during a lecture. It is for circumstances like this, students should always make notes in the class. Notes are like a permanent document that you can refer to when later you sit down to study for exams or tests.

Teacher’s perspective: Of course, books have everything that needs to be studied but what book lacks in is the perspective of the teacher. During a class or lecture, the teacher not only tells you what to study but they present the same information in a more relevant way. Hence, taking notes in the class help you jot down points and references that are far more helpful than mere bookish details.

Attentiveness: Merely sitting in a lecture and listening to the blabber feels like an eternity. Your mind wanders to trifling places. On the contrary, making notes keeps you active during the class. It keeps drowsiness and distractions at bay. It engages your mind into listening and subsequently writing things that are being said.

Sharing notes

Skeptical about sharing notes? We are spilling the beans on why sharing notes is the most generous thing you can do as a student. When it comes to sharing notes most of the students don’t feel like sharing their hard work with someone else. The common stigma around sharing notes is ‘why someone else should take the benefit of my work?’ But there is another perspective to this activity. Sharing notes is rewarding both with the personal and social aspect.

Personal aspect

It is a common occurrence that we miss out a few points or details that are discussed in the class. Or that we misunderstand the facts stated or wrongly mention a few particulars. Sharing notes come to your rescue in situations like these. Sharing or exchanging the notes with your colleagues help you fill in the gaps and it let you rescue your notes from falling into ambiguity.

Social aspect

Sharing from any perspective is always noble whether it is sharing food, clothes or your notes. Your well-prepared and organized notes can be of help to someone in need. There are several instances where students due to financial or medical reasons are unable to attend college daily. Your shared notes can be the silver lining for such students.

It is for such possibilities that rise of volunteer programs have recently tasted a huge upsurge. The Hero Program organized by Studenting Era is a paradigm in this arena. It is also a volunteer program that invites not just students but professors too, to share notes online which can later be downloaded by the students in need. Easy to volunteer, the program has become hugely popular among students and professors. It simply requires you to login to the program, specify your course, stream and subject and upload the notes. Upholding the authenticity of the program, students downloading notes can also check the profiles of the professors whose notes they want to use. Such attributes of the Hero program are an additional reason for its rapid recognition amongst all kinds of students.

While the Hero Program is a break in the clouds for needy students it also makes certain that the students and professors sharing the notes are also rewarded. Such volunteering students and professors are acknowledged with The Hero Professor and The Hero Student identity along with a few bonus benefits.

Hence, whether you want to share notes or download them, Studenting Era’s Hero Program has got you covered.


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