How Audio and Visual Lectures can be a Better Source of Learning?

From cooking to beauty hacks, music to dance to more technical and theoretical information, in this technology-driven world of today’s, audiovisual aids are the new way of learning. And this is being explicitly utilized in the education field to surprisingly extensive limits making it a substantial facet of this sector. The recent past has observed a fanatic upsurge in the use of audio-visual aids bestowing a revitalized classroom model for the new generation.

How audio and visual lectures can be a better source of learning

From schools to colleges, audios and videos are the new course mandate. Especially, in colleges, where lectures embody most of the classroom pursuits, audios and videos come out both as a blessing and a requirement. Audio and video lectures have colossally emerged in the education arena growing incredibly popular among teachers and students equally. The contemporary idea of education evidently affirms that audio and video lectures are a better source of learning.

But what is it that has occasioned to such mammoth rise of audio and video lectures in today’s learning process? Researchers assert that novel concepts can be comprehended and learned more easily when presented and taught in audiovisual form. Visual information can be easily decoded by the brain and stays there for longer time. This is perhaps why we remember everything that happened in a movie far more clearly than what was told to us at a lecture. Makes sense?

But it is not the sole reason why audio and video lectures are a better source of learning. There is a roll of advantages we derive from them.

Advantages of audio and video lectures


One major reason for such a spontaneous growth of audio and video lectures is that it flings an instant interest among the students. The videos and audios keep the students more engaged and attentive. Monotony and boredom are chucked out in audio and video lectures.


At the disposal of options like pause, repeat, re-play, note-taking comes to be a plain-sailing task. In contrast to standard lectures, where the teacher keeps on speaking at a normal pace notwithstanding your speed, audio and video lectures make for a refreshing change. Digital libraries come in handy for this purpose.

Expedient in understanding complex topics

Complex topics such as clinical and mechanical procedures can be understood easily with the assistance of audio and video lectures. Permanent availability of such lectures makes you view them as many times as you want, till you completely get versed with the concept.

Boon for online learning courses

For students who opt for online learning courses, such digital libraries with audio and video lectures come as an advantage. Students can have access to these lectures from anywhere in the world. Despite not being actually present in the lecture, they can still hear the lecturer and look at the procedures, as if they were actually in the class.

Diverse teaching technique

With the availability of digital libraries, students don’t get stuck with a single teaching technique. You can browse between various lectures, each with a different teaching method. Hence, if you don’t get clarity of concept from one lecture, you can try another with a different teaching technique.

Therefore, it is for the benefits of the audio and video lectures that they have become the leading choice for students over standard classroom lectures. Studenting Era’s online channel of the digital library is quite a paradigm in this expanse. It holds an extensive assortment of audio and video channels, e-books from the world’s leading universities, organizations and NGOs such as Yale, Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. It encompasses video and audios on academic and professional development, soft and lifestyle skills. With Studenting Era’s rife digital library backing you up, one can think of opting any career option after graduation, because every relevant information is readily accessible here.

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